tcw0359 – Axa vs Spice – Pins & Smothers Match

A match where we decided to “level the playing field” between these two. Spice is a powerful young woman, but doesn’t yet have Axa’s experience and skills on the mats. So in this fight the aim is simply to pin your opponent or gain a submission via smothering. Meaning, of  course, that the emphasis here is mainly about strength. And the arm-wrestling contest at the beginning demonstrates just how well-matched they are regarding this. However, when the match gets underway, it seems in the early stages that one wrestler is going to be in for a tough time throughout. That’s not the case, though, and they fight back determinedly. So much so that who is going to be the ultimate winner in this intense struggle is not easy to tell. Or easy for either of them to achieve. But one of them does.

22 minutes

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