tcw0347 – Axa vs Kat

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A match that demonstrates that experience and skill can always overcome size and power. Of course, Axa’s power should not be underestimated – as demonstrated in the arm wrestling contest at the beginning. But Kat is the much bigger woman here. However, she does not yet have Axa’s experience on the mats. And she soon discovers that means she’s in for a very difficult time. Indeed right from the start, Axa traps and punishes Kat. Her frustration at this is obvious. But whatever she tries, Axa counters and keeps her under control. In what is ultimately a dominating and crushing display of wrestling superiority. The look on Kats’ face at the conclusion says it all. When she has more experience, we are sure she will want the chance of a re-match. But for now, she has to take this beating.

16 minutes

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