tcw0340 – Justice vs Chanel

justicevschanel(88)(Pins & Smothers Match)

Another wrestler was unable to continue wrestling on this day due to a previous injury causing her problems. However, to her great credit, Chanel agreed to step in to do this match instead.  She is a very capable wrestler. But has not wrestled for some time. And, we are sure she won’t mind us also mentioning, is now in her fifties. So obviously taking on a much younger and still very active wrestler in this pins and smothers match was never going to be easy for her. And indeed, Justice is soon dominating her (though Justice does have to be reminded of the rules early on). But Chanel is certainly not dominated in terms of scoring, as she proves to be a very stubborn opponent. She gets some – rather obvious – advice from the watching Axa at one stage, and manages to “turn the tables” for a time. But that advice is never really able to be implemented, as Justice is equally stubborn. In a match that ultimately is actually only narrowly won.

19 minutes

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