tcw0304 – Rose vs Vanity

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In doing what we do, sometimes this happens. A late replacement for this filming, Rose is new to wrestling – though has had some training. Her opponent, Vanity, however, has been wrestling for some time. She also competes in martial arts competitions – and has even done white collar boxing too. So, as well as a mature vs younger fight, this is a miss-match in terms of combat experience. Vanity has a clear size and strength advantage as well. Consequently, despite her best efforts, young Rose is constantly taken down to the mats and dominated. And it does all get a bit much for her towards the end. But she battles on. At the conclusion, the look on her face shows she’s understandably demoralised by the experience. However, despite the beating she takes here, she has subsequently made it clear she has every intention to continue wrestling.

16 minutes

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