tcw0276 – Axa vs Razor Red

Both wrestlers introduce themselves at the start of the match, let us know how long they’ve been wrestling for and their favourite holds. Then it’s straight to the fight. Axa has been wrestling for much longer than Razor Red. She’s clearly the more powerful woman too. And it soon becomes obvious that this is going to be a tough match for Razor Red. Indeed Axa is in particularly dominating form here as she controls and punishes her struggling opponent. Try as she might, Razor Red just can’t cope with Axa’s skills and strength and has to take a beating. When it’s all over, Axa wants to have a little chat with Razor Red about the fight. But there’s no response from her unhappy opponent. So Axa just celebrates her win with a big smile and pose over the well-beaten wrestler before striding off.

18 minutes

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